Accounting procedure plays the most important role in the success of any enterprise. The correctness and validity of financial activities, transparency of all types of reporting are those factors that will make your business actually profitable!

Accounting audit is a modern and effective way to get accounting under control. This procedure provides the conduction of thorough check of the correctness of accounting. Accounting audit services shall be performed by the independent experts.

Do you want to bring your accounting in an ideal state quickly and efficiently? Audit and Pravo Company performs professional accounting audit Kyiv. Our services are efficient and accessible to every businessman, and the company’s clients are entrepreneurs of all levels – we perform a financial audit of enterprises of any form of ownership.

Financial audit services are fast and effective error correction of accounting department!

According to the legislation of Ukraine, enterprises shall undergo a mandatory financial audit once a year. Nevertheless quite often during the inspecting services visit some mistakes or omissions of accounting will come to light and the consequences may be different.

Most entrepreneurs order audit services to be on a roll, providing the auditors with impeccable reporting. The financial and accounting audit services performed by the Audit and Pravo Company are a great way to prepare for the tax service audit or for the mandatory audit, correcting revealed inconsistencies in time.

The resolution of the issue with maximum efficiency!

While conducting audits, the competence of the invited auditors plays very important role. If the purpose of the intended audit is to check the competence of the chief accountant, particular accountants or the department as a whole, then the audit should be unannounced. The Audit and Pravo Company will perform any financial audit in Kyiv at your enterprise very quickly, efficiently and at the pre-arranged time! If necessary, our specialists will check the correctness of filling out tax and other reporting, will conduct checks of payroll accounting and even pursue the necessary internal investigations – the audit services will be performed according to procedure!

Accounting audit of enterprises is a comprehensive check of the accounting audit and any financial statements of your enterprise, which includes the most effective measures:


  • verification of the correctness of formation and contribution of the authorized capital;
  • confirmation (or correction) of stock accounting at the enterprise;
  • correction (if necessary) of financial indicators;
  • assistance in filling out any reports;
  • verification of the correctness of accounting of fixed assets and amortization.

When the audit services are performed, our employees will provide the customer with all the necessary consultations to correct the revealed inconsistencies. You will also receive a professional report about the audit.

The Audit and Pravo Company is an accessible accounting audit in Ukraine!

Regardless of the volume and specifics of your business, it is imperative to perform such audits. Even if you can avoid the punishment of auditors, the gaps in reporting and accounting will absorb the lion’s share of the possible revenue.

In addition, with any changes in the enterprise structure, bonds issue or the change of the company management, the financial audit of the companies is simply necessary. It is necessary to evaluate the state of affairs at the enterprise quickly and rationally, and, if necessary, to take reasonable measures.

Cooperation with our company is advantageous due to extremely wide opportunities during the audit – our auditors can check out every letter of your company accounting department. In addition to the abovementioned mandatory procedure, the accounting audit can include the following unique options:


  • verification of the validity of shares or bonds issue (for large enterprises);
  • checking of the competence of particular accounting staff;
  • pursue of internal investigations;
  • assistance in correcting the reporting when the chief accountant or company management was changed.

Many companies offer audit in Kyiv and Ukraine, but their opportunities are very limited. That’s why you need to trust the performance of accounting audit to the professionals – our auditors will find all the vulnerabilities and omissions committed by the accountants as soon as possible, and your business will become maximally profitable!

We perform an accounting audit of the companies of our customers, basing not only on the customer preferences, but also on really deep knowledge, capable of revealing even the most insignificant (at first glance) problem! Our employees provide comprehensive reporting on the audit, thanks to which the financial audit of enterprises becomes the most efficient means of eliminating errors in financial activities!

Please don’t hesitate to call us now to get full consultation, to agree on a timeline and an audit program. This approach to conduct of affairs will allow us to identify the problem in time and find the most effective ways to resolve it. When the accounting audit is performed by top-ranking specialists, the development of the company will not be threatened!