Mandatory audit

Mandatory verification of the correctness of financial and accounting statements is the most important factor determining the profitability of the performance of any enterprise. This type of audit is performed annually, and the main purpose of such audits is to confirm the reliability of reporting about the financial results of business operations.


During the mandatory audit, special attention is paid to the correctness of all reports. When the instance of fraud (even unintentional – those that appeared due to inaccuracies in reporting) are detected by the inspection authorities, various sanctions may be imposed. When you order mandatory audit in Kyiv, it means to protect your business from the negative consequences that can arise after the detection of such inconsistencies.


Mandatory audit is the most important verification necessary for every entrepreneur!


Regardless of the sphere of your business activity, production levels or other factors, this type of audit is mandatory for:


  • public joint-stock companies;
  • any financial institutions (credit unions, investment funds, etc.);
  • institutions providing insurance services;
  • investment funds;
  • other organizations, according to the current legislation.

Many entrepreneurs suggest that the mandatory audits are undeserved penalty. Ultimately, the scare is raised at the enterprises, which leads to a failure of the audit and, as a consequence, to significant penalties on the results of the audit. Because of inconsistency of tax and accounting documentation, you have to pay a lot of money – but the penalties could be avoided!

Don’t be afraid of mandatory audit of the enterprise – imagine that this is an examination of your company for financial solvency. You cannot avoid it, because the legislation binds you to carry out the audit from one year to the next.

But in the case of a positive audit report, your enterprise seems to reach a new level. You can receive such impulse easily, it is enough to prepare the company, documents and the staff of the company to the audit and order mandatory audit Kyiv at the Audit and Pravo Company!

When the company has successfully passed the mandatory audit, you can count on the credibility of creditors, attraction of new investments for the development of your business and new customers … You receive a lot of advantages! That is why to order mandatory audit in Ukraine is the most optimal decision! Regardless of the form of ownership of your business, the scale of operation and other aspects, our specialists will conduct all necessary checks as soon as possible and prepare recommendations in order to eliminate detected inconsistencies.

Upon the inspection of your company you will receive the most important information about:


  • the actual state and affairs of the company;
  • all financial risks and possible ways of its elimination;
  • violations made by officials;
  • efficiency of distribution of company incomes;
  • probable claims on the part of controlling authorities, methods of its solution.

How to carry out mandatory audit

In order to prepare qualitatively for possible inspections, it is necessary to entrust the audit to professionals, because the financial future of the company depends on the quality of carried out activities! Our auditors are professionals in accounting and auditing who have great experience in carrying out various inspections at the enterprises of the country.

Correct and forward-looking decision, available to every businessman, is to order an annual mandatory accounting audit performed by the Audit and Pravo Company!