Accounting services


Any business requires accounting and tax accounting. Even if you are a private entrepreneur-sole proprietor, the legislation binds you to have supporting documents and pay tax fees щon a regular basis. Accounting is necessary for every entrepreneur, and the financial success of your enterprise depends largely on the accuracy and competence of accountants!


The situation becomes more complicated if there is no chief accountant at the enterprise, or if he or she is incompetent in all financial operations of the company. Late submission of reporting or errors in the accounting performance is fraught with penalties imposed by the State Fiscal Service and other government institutions.

In addition, you can forget about business profitability – because of the gaps in the accounting you will lose the lion`s share of income. That is why thousands of entrepreneurs of Ukraine take efficient solution each year, they order accounting services inexpensively!


Accounting services – integrated services for your company!


Accounting for any enterprise is a complex process that shall be performed by the professionals! Accountants shall make any changes that arise in the course of the company’s activity, maintain records of revenue, run payroll calculations and other settlements.


The profit margin of your company depends on the chief accountant competence. So what is to be done if the accountant is unable to perform the assigned tasks? Or if the turnover of the company is low, and there is no need to employ a full-time accountant?


To order accounting services in Kyiv is a modern and profitable solution! Our company provides all types of accounting services that will simplify accounting and make your business protected and profitable:


  • integrated services for legal entities and natural persons (LLC, sole proprietor);
  • accounting services for sole proprietors;
  • reconstruction of company accounting;
  • audit of company accounting;
  • filling out and delivery of reporting;
  • HR services;
  • consulting services.

We provide proficient accounting services in Ukraine, the diversity and efficiency of which will match every entrepreneur! Regardless of the activity area, turnover or other specificities of your business, please contact us – we will make your company accounting really profitable!

When you order accounting services performed by the Audit and Pravo Company, you save your money!

The advantages of accounting services are obvious. If the turnover of your company is small, there is no need to employ full-time accountant – the amount of documentation does not require the constant presence of the chief accountant at the workplace. Once a month accounting services are quite enough, and the cost of such services performed by our company is below the average salary of the chief accountant in Ukraine!

You can save money not only in this matter. We will choose the most efficient tax system for your company, taking into account the peculiarities and volumes of its activity. If necessary, we will put in order the supporting documents; we will assist with the delivery of reporting to the inspection institutions.

When choosing accounting services, it is necessary to give due attention to the profile of the company and the proficiency of specialists. The overall profitability and safety of the business depend on the state and correctness of accounting; sanctions imposed by tax authorities may be very expensive!

Our specialists are accountants of the highest qualification; each of them has an experience in accounting at different Ukrainian enterprises. Be sure if you order an accounting Kyiv performed by the Audit and Pravo Company, it means that we will put in order the accounting of your company quickly and efficiently, and you company will become more profitable and really economically viable!