Legal services

For the safe rub of business, it is necessary to enlist the support of experienced lawyers. Regardless of the scope, area of activity or other characteristics of your company, it is necessary to comply with all legal acts and laws regulating business activity in Ukraine. Controversial situations are inherent in any business, therefore qualified legal services are a necessity, without which there will not be a single stage in the formation of a company!

Annually thousands of entrepreneurs become parties to the court cases. In addition to representation in court, legal services will also be needed during the opening or expansion of your business – Ukrainian legislation is changing day by day, and it is quite difficult for entrepreneurs to keep track of all the changes. For this reason we cannot do without the help of qualified lawyers – reliable legal protection will protect your business from sanctions or legal proceedings!

Legal services Kyiv mean the efficient legal protection of your company!

The assistance of lawyers is necessary from the very beginning of business activity – the specialists will help the beginning businessman in choosing the optimal taxation system, the form of ownership of the future enterprise and other organizational aspects.

At the stage of the development of the company, it is necessary to observe the cleanliness of all company documents, be ready for tax and other inspections by state authorities.

Legal services provided by the Audit and Pravo Company are a complex of all necessary measures and consultations that are necessary at all stages of the development of the company! To protect your interests, our lawyers will provide qualified assistance to the maximum level:


  • registration of a company, obtaining a license or permission to operate;
  • reorganization or expansion of business;
  • professional legal support of the company at all stages of its operation;
  • protection in court proceedings;
  • representation of the firm before any state authorities;
  • legal assistance in concluding transactions and contracts;
  • checking the correctness of the documentation of your company.

To order legal services in Kyiv means to protect your business from any illegal actions on the part of government authorities or competitors! Regardless of the specificity of your business, you cannot do without the services of lawyers!

Regular legal advice is the key to the success of the company!

The assistance of the qualified lawyer is needed not only when making any changes to the documentation or defending the interests of the company in court. For example, when developing a business plan for an enterprise, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the legislation in force. When carrying out major transactions, you cannot do without legal support, and to order legal services in Kyiv will be the best decision that will save time and allow you to improve maximally the profitability of your company!

The Audit and Pravo Company provides qualitative legal advice to hundreds of Ukrainian enterprises. The service record of our lawyers includes legal support for the activities of both small business, such as sole proprietorship, and state-owned enterprises.

Appreciative feedback from our customers is the best indicator of the efficiency of our services! The price policy of the Audit and Pravo Company allows for every Ukrainian entrepreneur to order legal services inexpensively, starting from a beginner to an owner of an enterprise with an annual turnover of several million hryvnias. We are open for cooperation with every customer!

The Audit and Pravo Company is the best legal support for Ukrainian business!