• Voluntary audit
  • Expedited audit
  • Tax audit
  • Mandatory audit

Consulting services

  • Tax planning (optimization)
  • Counseling of the auditor
  • Maintenance of inspections
  • Integration of electronic reporting

Legal services

  • Tax disputes
  • Legal support
  • Introduction of changes to the USR
  • Registration of legal entity



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We have been working in Ukraine for more than 12 years


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About us

Accounting is the most important mechanism having a direct impact on the success and profitability of any company. From primary accounting to optimization of taxation – everything shall under the control. Therefore, every businessman periodically needs the assistance in accounting services. The Audit & Pravo Company is an expert in the market of accounting services in Ukraine. For more than 12 years we have been providing expert services for entrepreneurs and business managers. We move with the time, providing distant services and consultation for customers from all over the country. Audit, consulting, accounting and legal services!

We provide both one-time accounting services (for example, one-time annual tax reporting) and comprehensive service of any company regardless of ownership form, whether it is a small business with an owner-sole proprietor or a large public joint stock company. Cooperating with us, you will receive all the necessary support for efficient business management. Our specialists quickly and qualitatively optimize the accounting of your company, carry out an efficient audit or provide legal advice! Business support services are the key to the profitability of your company!

We provide comprehensive services for creating the most efficient accounting of the company:

• drawing up of quarterly and annual reporting;

• calculation of payroll;

• optimization of tax accounting and accounting;

• optimization of the taxation system of the company;

• consulting, accounting, legal services and audit.

All this and much more can be ordered at the Audit & Pravo Company at the most profitable price for each client! By signing with us an agreement on the provision of accounting services or audit, you can be assured of the safety of commercial secrets - any service is conducted by us in conditions of absolute confidentiality. In addition, on our site you will find all the information you need! Accounting, audit and consulting at affordable prices!

You shall trust this work only for professionals, because possible errors in the accounting department can get unpleasant consequences - from reducing the profitability of the company to serious penalties from the relevant authorities in the event of miscalculations in the tax reporting. Our employees received a specialized education in the best universities of the country and great experience in accompanying various forms of business. We are constantly improving the level of technical training, regularly conducting trainings and courses to improve the skills of our specialists. For this reason it will be extremely profitable to order audit, consulting or accounting services. This is a far-sighted decision that will help you to get the maximum from the efficient work of your company! The prices for audit and accounting and legal services at the Audit and Pravo Company are the best in Ukraine! Regardless of what support is necessary for your company, you will get the maximum support and advice at favorable price.

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