Reconstruction of accounting

The most important factor that determinates the effectiveness of accounting and tax accounting is the regularity of these processes. Indeed, in the case of irregular reporting, it is difficult to rely on the effectiveness of accounting and the improvement of company profitability. In such case, an inevitable step, which is necessary for the further correct operation of accounting and, as a consequence, the company activity as a whole is to order reconstruction of accounting.


At some point of any business activity, there are situations when it is necessary to reconstruct accounting of the company or entrepreneur completely or partially. For example, at the stage of your business formation, you neglected the maintenance of accounting or did it yourself. The consequences of such accounting may have effect in a few months or even years, when the time comes for another audit performed by examination authority.


You shall act right now!


To find a mistake in such reporting will be difficult enough, so the best decision, which will save your time and efforts to find a mistake, is to order the reconstruction of the accounting in Kyiv.


Such cases are not rare; we provide only the main situations when the reconstruction of accounting is necessary:


  • accounting of the company was not performed at all or was not performed for a long time;
  • the chief accountant made a number of major mistakes;
  • supporting documents turned out to be incorrect;
  • regulatory authorities detected mistakes in reporting, penalties and other sanctions were imposed.

The most important thing is that the reconstruction of accounting shall be carried out by professional auditors. The procedure of finding mistakes in accounting takes considerable time and requires high qualification of performers. Very often the supporting documents of the company are the only source for reconstruction, so any mistakes made by auditors at the initial stage may be fatal.

In order to start the reconstruction from ground zero, first of all you need to analyze the real state of the company’s affairs. For that end it is necessary to perform the fiscal audit, and the best decision is to hire one group of accountants to conduct the audit and reconstruction. This allows you to eliminate any accounting mistakes quickly and efficiently.

The Audit and Pravo Company performs reconstruction of accounting, which includes the full range of effective measures, the ultimate aim of which is to create efficient accounting:

  • collection and processing of the company’s supporting documents;
  • inventory control of payment instruments, stocks and raw materials (for large-scale production);
  • thorough restoration of supporting documents;
  • formation of the initial balance, restoration of the accounting registers;
  • database recovery (if available);
  • drawing up, correction and submission of a clarifying tax return to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

Reconstruction of accounting is an effective correction of any mistakes in reporting!


Reconstruction of accounting involves the processing and correction of all the documents necessary to maintain appropriate accounting of the enterprise. In case the documents were destroyed, lost or not created at all – they must be created. It is important to entrust this work to professionals, because the poor reconstruction of accounting results in the loss of time and money.

You can order the reconstruction of accounting in Kyiv to be performed by the Audit and Pravo Company at favorable and affordable price for every entrepreneur! Depending on the accounting damage level, you can order partial (particular areas of accounting) or complete reconstruction of your company’s accounting. When you decide to cooperate with us, you can be sure that the accounting will be reconstructed qualitatively as soon as possible, and your business will be maximally profitable!