Maintenance of accounting

Timeliness and correctness of accounting of the company activity is a necessity for every modern businessman. The success of any business is determined by the financial performance of its operation, the total profitability for a certain period. In the case of imperfect accounting (a common phenomenon in the Ukrainian business), the consequences can be different: from the loss of notable part of profits to various penalties and sanctions imposed by the inspection authorities.

The order in accounting is the key to the success and security of your company! After all, the financial profitability of the business depends on the work of accounting department, the correctness and timeliness of submitting reports. If in the accounting department of your company there are inconsistencies, they will necessarily appear in tax returns. With great probability, your company will suffer unnecessary losses in the form of sanctions. In the event that accounting errors become systematic, it even comes to the shutting down the business.


The best way to avoid sanctions from inspection authorities is to order maintenance of Kyiv performed by the qualified auditors. This service provided by our company is beneficial and accessible to every businessman – even if your company does not have a chief accountant who would write out the supporting documents, auditors will do it for you!

Business accounting services are quick and efficient solution of any accounting problems!

To order maintenance of accounting in Kyiv is a popular and efficient decision, which is daily accepted by the hundreds of entrepreneurs of Ukraine. Such a service is provided once or at regular basis (usually monthly).

Services provided for business by the Audit and Pravo Company is a complex of measures aimed at optimization of accounting and drawing up of tax reporting of the company. Our proposals include three the most efficient options for the maintenance of accounting services available to every entrepreneur:


  • full management of the accounting and tax accounting of your company;
  • maintenance of the accounting as the chief accountant of the company;
  • tax support of the company operation.

The first option is ideal for accounting services for small business. With this option of cooperation, our specialists carry out all relevant work of accounting and tax accounting.

The second option involves the work on the drawing up and submission of reports, optimization of the taxation of the company. We recommend this method of accounting for companies in which there is an accountant who prepares all the necessary supporting documents.

Tax support is a constant cooperation and consultation with the chief accountant of your company. We will help to optimize financial arrangements and minimize the risks in case of possible inspections on the part of inspection authorities. Regardless of the method of cooperation you choose, you can be sure, that maintenance of the accounting of the company or entrepreneur is in good hands!

We minimize the risks of financial losses, optimize the tax liabilities and financial arrangements of your enterprise. If necessary, our auditors can develop the accounting policy of your company, submit the necessary reporting to the tax and non-budget funds. Depending on your requirements, the maintenance of the accounting can be provided one-time or on a regular basis.

To order the maintenance of accounting performed by the Audit and Pravo Company is the best choice of accounting services at the reasonable price for each businessman!