Formulation of accounting

When a new enterprise of any form of ownership is started, the organization of efficient accounting is one of the key steps that significantly determine the further profitability of the business, and therefore to order formulation of accounting in Kyiv is the best decision for every entrepreneur, because this minimizes any possible risks arising due to imperfect accounting of the enterprise.


As a rule, this service is ordered in case of problems with the maintenance of the already existing business accounting. There are lot of examples – the chief accountant turned out to be a crook, and for a long time has maintained accounting poorly (or did not maintain it at all); particular accountants turned out to be incompetent, which led to significant gaps in the accounting of the enterprise; or the Board of Directors decided to change the form of ownership or structure of the company.

Formulation of accounting is also required for the reorganization or expansion of the company’s activity. If you order such a service at the Audit and Pravo Company is a synonym for the creation of efficient and impeccable accounting that will become a guarantee of financial success of the business as a whole.


The formulation of the company’s accounting is the foundation of its profitability available to every entrepreneur!


During the formulation of the accounting, first of all, planning of accounting maintenance is carried out. This aspect cannot be neglected, since the lack of a work plan for accounting department will necessarily lead to confusion in tax reporting, the impossibility of obtaining accurate information about the financial situation of the company and other troubles.


In order to organize the company’s accounting efficiently, it is enough just once to order the formulation of accounting for once only. Professionally performed works will save you from unnecessary time consumption and efforts for manual processing of reporting information due to an imperfect accounting system.


During the formulation of accounting of the enterprise or entrepreneur we take into account all the details!


The most important factor of profitability and efficiency of your business is a compliance of accounting and tax accounting with the legislation in force. Firstly, it contributes to the full transparency of the company activity, which is a significant advantage in business negotiations or in the discussion of investment issues.


And the main thing is that competent accounting will cause no complaints on the part of the State Fiscal Service and other inspection authorities, which means that there are no sanctions and other threats to your company activity. Up-to-date and transparent accounting is the guarantee of the financial well-being of any company, and correctly performed formulation of accounting is a necessity that is affordable for every businessman!


The formulation of accounting Kyiv performed by the Audit and Pravo Company is a complex of the most efficient measures to create a powerful accounting of your company:


  • complete analysis of the structure and specificities of your enterprise;
  • assessment of taxes;
  • development of an efficient tax scheme;
  • introduction of effective methods of accounting and tax accounting;
  • optimization of the company documents turnover.

You shall entrust accounting to professionals! Our specialists are accounting professionals who have great experience in optimization and formulation of the accounting at various Ukrainian enterprises. Regardless of the structure and activity area of your business, all the necessary works are done quickly and efficiently, and the created accounting system becomes the key to the success of your business for many years!

The services of formulation of the accounting in our company are favorable and affordable for every businessman of the country!