Registration of legal entity and natural person

Everyone can become an entrepreneur. And although the legislation of Ukraine in the sphere of running small and medium business is simplified every year, it is not so easy to register business activity.


How to register sole proprietorship, what documents are needed to create or close down a company? How to prevent mistakes in filling out the documents? It is the right decision when the registration of legal entities and natural persons will be carried out by the professionals!


Registration of natural persons made by the Audit and Pravo Company is a synonym for the correct and rapid start of your business! We will quickly register sole proprietorship, adhering to all the norms of the legislation in force. The registration of a natural person made by our company has advantages because there is no need to collect a lot of documents and references – if necessary, we will do it for you!


Registration of legal entities – quickly and correctly!


Our company offers the full range of legal assistance – from preparing the documents necessary for the opening of the business to services on turnkey basis. Choosing us, you will get the necessary legal support and comprehensive consultations, and the registration process will be extraordinarily fast!


Having no experience in starting the business or friends among the businessmen who will explain all the interesting aspects in the issues of starting business, registration of a legal entity becomes a difficult task. It is necessary to take into account every aspect of the legislation, fill in all necessary documents and submit them to all relevant authorities.


Errors during the registration made by you are a synonym for problems when doing business (both financial and legal). Therefore, the most correct decision will be to entrust the registration of natural person or legal entity to the professional lawyers.


The Audit and Pravo Company offers the most reliable registration of legal entities in Kyiv! You shall entrust the starting of business to professionals!


Qualitative and fast registration of legal entities in Ukraine


Fast and reliable registration of business activity is needed by every businessman, regardless of the chosen form of ownership and other aspects. We carry out all the necessary works on a turn-key basis, independently collect and fill out the necessary documents, and also submit them to the appropriate authorities.


Our lawyers will conduct all the necessary stages of registration of the sole proprietorship or a company as quickly and professionally as possible:


  • choice of the correct legal organizational form of the company;
  • selection of the optimal taxation system;
  • registration in the Unified State Register;
  • submission of documents to the State Fiscal Service and various funds;
  • drawing up the Articles of Association, receipt of the seal;
  • opening a bank account for financial activities.

When the work is performed, your company will be registered in the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine, as well as you will receive the unique code. The Audit and Pravo Company is an excellent opportunity to order fast registration of natural persons and legal entities inexpensively. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have already appreciated the quality of our services!

The Audit and Pravo Company is the optimal start of your business!

We help to register natural persons and legal entities inexpensively in Kyiv and Ukraine. If you trust the registration of your business to us, you dispose of the need to study the latest amendments to the legislation, independently fill and submit dozens of documents, and stand in queues and waste your nerves.

You need inexpensive registration of natural persons? Do you plan to open legal entity? You shall contact the Audit and Pravo Company – our specialists will arrange everything as soon as possible!