Tax disputes

As practice shows, the overwhelming majority of business enterprises are familiar with the concept of “tax disputes”. And this is quite understandable, because with the help of such a legal mechanics, any disputes between legal entities and natural persons, on the one hand, and tax authorities, on the other, concerning appeals against the decisions of the latter, are resolved.


Tax disputes are extremely delicate sphere, which requires thorough knowledge of the laws of Ukraine and professional conduct of court cases. For this reason, if you need a highly qualified lawyer who got hand in resolving tax disputes, the cooperation with the Audit and Pravo Company will be an ideal decision!


After the adoption of the Tax Code of Ukraine in 2010, many entrepreneurs have to appeal against the actions of inspection authorities. The reason for this is the amendments to the Code, according to which the State Fiscal Service has the right to carry out any inspections of tax and financial activities without prior notice to the entrepreneur. The result was frequent cases of lawlessness on the part of the tax authorities: the inspecting authorities regularly take unreasonable decisions concerning various penalties and sanctions.


It’s hard to prove anything to the inspector on-site. We need to study carefully the Code, as well as be prepared for lengthy litigation – any issues with tax authorities shall be resolved in court.


Annually, entrepreneurs of Ukraine file thousands of lawsuits against the representatives of the State Fiscal Service. Frankly speaking, they have small chances to win the case against the state authorities without legal support in court. For this reason tax disputes Kyiv shall be conducted with the involvement of professional lawyers!


Tax disputes resolution in Kyiv of any complexity!

The main condition for winning the case is to find a good lawyer! We will help you to resolve efficiently the current tax dispute, resolving the situation professionally and in the legal boundaries.

During such cases hearing, we accompany the whole process, from the submission of the application to the arbitration court and to the final decision. And a lot of taxpayers, who, thanks to our assistance, successfully defended their interests, have already seen throughout it all.

At the first glance, it may seem that tax disputes in Ukraine are not a problem, and that this procedure is not so complicated. However, one application submitted to the appropriate authority is not enough. If you scratch beneath the surface, on the entire bureaucratic chain, starting from administrative appeal of decisions, actions or omissions of tax authorities and litigation, you immediately understand the need of qualified services.


Professional assistance in resolving tax disputes in Ukraine – we will win any tax dispute!

Our lawyers are very familiar with the loopholes of legislation, the duality of judicial practice and the often changing practice of administration. Due to such knowledge, proven experience and high dedication, our customers receive the necessary judgments, reducing unreasonable costs and saving their nerves and time.


For a successful outcome, assistance in resolving tax disputes must be professional, and therefore make a bet on the professional services of the Audit and Pravo Company! The optimal decision in the event of tax disputes is to apply to professionals. This will help to protect your company from unforeseen surprises when the case is examined by the inspector.


The Audit and Pravo Company is an efficient and effective decision of litigation!