Voluntary audit

At all stages of business development (whatever it is), it is necessary to periodically check the correctness of financial statements. Timely correction of miscounts and weaknesses in accounting is an important step in optimizing the financial performance of the enterprise. On the other hand, the lack of timely audit can be the beginning of a whole range of problems that will grow like a snowball and ultimately lead to bankruptcy of the company or huge penalties imposed by the relevant authorities.

Without waiting for the verdict of mandatory audit, many businessmen of Ukraine order the services of voluntary audit for obtaining an overall assessment of the performance of accounting and advice on optimizing accounting. And they do it for good reason.

Voluntary audit is a comprehensive assessment of vulnerabilities!

This type of audit is regularly conducted at domestic enterprises of different forms of ownership. For example, the voluntary audit is necessary if the company (according to the legislation of Ukraine) does not need to undergo mandatory audit. This type of audit is a good way to detect all the gaps in the tax and financial activities of a company as soon as possible.

Voluntary audit is carried out at the request (initiative) of the company management. But it is important not just to carry out it, but to entrust to top-ranking specialists who are able to take into account all the subtle details of the accounting department of the company.

The purpose of such audit is to control the competence of the head or chief accountant, check financial and other performance indicators of the company.

Sometimes the voluntary audit Kyiv is necessary for the chief executor, for example, during the change of the chief accountant or with significant changes in the company activity.

There are many periods of the company operation, when the efficiency of the voluntary audit is the maximum:


  • during the preparation for the audit of tax reporting;
  • if it is necessary to attract additional investments or business lending;
  • in the process of assessing the market value of the company and assets;
  • to prepare reports on the company operation for the shareholders;
  • during the liquidation of the company, change of management or chief accountant.


To order voluntary audit in Kyiv is especially necessary during the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the company and the definition of further vectors of its operation. The advantages of this kind of audit are obvious, this is the exclusion of possible fines from controlling authorities, which are inevitable in the presence of various hidden rocks in accounting.

Audit performed by the Audit and Pravo Company

Possessing a great practical experience of carrying out the voluntary audit at various enterprises of Ukraine, we have repeatedly found incorrect documents hiding behind the dozens of documents correct by sight. We do not hide the principles of our work, and therefore we are not against the external audit of the owner, the chief accountant or the head of the company. For this reason to order the voluntary audit carried out by our company will be the right decision, because this is the best way to improve the accounting of your company and understand the mistakes!

The most important indicator of the quality of the future audit is the reputation of the company. The service record of the Audit and Pravo Company includes the hundreds of successfully carried out audits at various enterprises in Ukraine! Our customers are the representatives of all spheres of business: from private entrepreneurs to directors and shareholders of the largest enterprises of the country.

Timely voluntary audit in Ukraine is an event, the importance of which cannot be overestimated!