Expedited audit

Expedited audit is a complex of measures of a selective inspection of an enterprise. First of all, this type of audit is different in terms and cost of the conduct: as a rule, the full time of the expedited audit (the time for the audit, as well as for the audit reporting) is no more than five days, regardless of the size of the enterprise or its ownership form.


Conducting an expedited audit is particularly efficient when it is necessary to check certain areas of the company activities when there is no need for a mandatory or voluntary audit.


Expedited audit in Ukraine is conducted according to a procedure stipulated in advance with the head or chief accountant, during which only selective sections of accounting or tax reporting are checked.


Expedited audit is a quick check affordable for every entrepreneur!


It is important to trust the professional auditor to perform the expedited audit. Indeed, such an audit involves the drawing up of a reporting on the company activity as soon as possible, and during the audit, the intervention of the auditor in the work of the company is minimal. There is a lot of analytical work, which cannot be handled by every specialist.


Unlike traditional forms of audits, expedited audit excludes the possibility of a thorough audit of each accounting entry for the reporting period. This means the need to accept the correctness of supporting documents and the competence of accounting department for the axiom – expedited audit Kyiv provides for the inspection of all necessary documentation as soon as possible.


In addition, only one auditor usually participates in carrying out such expedited audit. The auditor shall be maximally competent and have great experience in carrying out expedited audit of the accounting, which means that it is necessary to trust expedited audit of your company to specialists!


If you order expedited audit in our company, for a minimum expenses, you will receive a comprehensive assessment of:


  • general situation of accounting and taxation of the company;
  • possible risks associated with taxation;
  • general efficiency of the company management system;
  • system of document circulation and internal control.

All this, as well as the necessary consultations and recommendations you will receive in the shortest time and at an affordable price!

Many entrepreneurs in Ukraine choose a regular expedited audit for their company due to the unique timeliness and optimal cost of such audit. Carrying out the expedited audit is beneficial due to the lack of the need to provide the auditor with a wide range of documents, which positively influences the timing of the audit.

Expedited audit is a quick check necessary for your company!

If you acquire a new business, or expand your production, conducting an unscheduled expedited audit is a mandatory necessity. After all, this type of audit will make it possible to learn about the real state of affairs as soon as possible!


After conducting the expedited audit by the Audit and Pravo Company you will receive a competent audit report. This document includes a list of detected invulnerabilities and financial gap of your enterprise and possible ways for their solution. In addition, our auditors will provide all the necessary recommendations regarding the expansion or optimization of the financial aspect of your company.

Order expedited audit in Kyiv is a profitable and far-sighted decision for every Ukrainian businessman! Regardless of the form of ownership, levels or other specificities of your company operation, you will receive a clear audit report, information on the real risks of taxation and all necessary consultations to optimize the accounting of your company as soon as possible.