Tax audit

Readiness for inspections of any controlling authorities is the most important task at all stages of the operation of the company. Order a tax audit with the aim to prepare for audit is an effective solution that will allow you to optimize competently tax reporting as soon as possible and avoid any penalties.


Tax audit in Ukraine is an independent audit of tax accounting performed by external auditors. This type of audit is the most popular among the entrepreneurs, since the transparency of tax reporting is a key to financial success of the business!


Tax audit is a proper preparation for inspections, available to every entrepreneur!


The tax legislation of Ukraine is regularly supplemented by various amendments, which must be observed by each entrepreneur. It is rather difficult to track proper changes all alone. In the event of inconsistencies in reporting, various sanctions may be imposed, up to liquidation of the company.


You can order a tax audit in Kyiv provided by the Audit and Pravo Company while making preparations to the audit and in order to optimize tax accounting. During the audit our specialists control the correctness of the five most important sources of tax risks:


  • definition and formation of the tax base, assessment of taxes;
  • the state of settlements, the correctness of declaration and the procedure for the payment of taxes;
  • the state of all documentation and readiness for audits;
  • tax accounting systems according to current legislation;
  • legal contracts and other necessary documentation.

Independent tax audit performed according to the procedure!

Tax audit of the enterprise is one of the types of initiative audits, popular among local entrepreneurs. This type of audit is in demand at different enterprises of Ukraine – the reason is the ability to eliminate quickly and effectively any errors in tax activity committed by accountants negligently or intentionally, which also happens!

Audit of taxation performed by the Audit and Pravo Company is an efficient inspection of tax and accounting systems, for which we use a range of the most efficient measures:

  • audit of tax accounting concerning the compliance with legislation;
  • verification of the correctness of tax registers;
  • control the timeliness of settlements with various funds;
  • optimization of the taxation of the company in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

All these audit activities as well as other are an effective way to keep the tax activity of your company in good state! Tax audit Kyiv performed by the Audit and Pravo company is an operational audit of your business carried out by the professionals of tax accounting!

Order an independent tax audit means to minimize quickly and accurately the possible risks associated with incorrect tax accounting. If you secure the company from such factors, you will improve its profitability and forget about the problems with the inspection authorities.

Our specialists are experts in audit who have extensive experience in conducting various audits at Ukrainian enterprises. After carrying out the audit, you will receive a report on the inspections, information on the actual preparedness of the company for inspections of controlling services, as well as receive the necessary recommendations for correcting detected mistakes and deficiencies.

Prepare your company for the audit in advance – order audit services performed by the Audit and Pravo Company at the most favorable and affordable price!