Tax planning (optimization)

Regardless of the form of ownership, business activity or volumes, it is necessary to regularly optimize the taxation system. This is necessary to achieve maximum profitability of the company, because excess payments of taxes and other deductions hit the pockets of most businessmen of Ukraine.


Tax legislation is amended practically each year. Businessmen are forced to independently monitor these amendments, regularly adjusting the taxation of the company. Unfortunately, the dynamics of amendments do not promote the minimization of tax burden for small and medium-sized businesses – sometimes taxes exert pressure so much that after paying all the necessary bills it turns out that the company is operating at a loss. And the only way out is to optimize the taxation of the company. Otherwise, the company will be on its slow but sure way to bankruptcy!


To order tax planning in Kyiv means to understand as soon as possible the tax charges, to identify the vulnerabilities of taxation and liquidate them.


Plan your taxes correctly!


The concept of optimization of tax accounting means the use of the most efficient means and methods of managing the company, carrying out various financial transactions for the sole purpose of minimizing the amount of deductions of the company, without violating the legislation in force.


Tax planning Kyiv is carried out in several stages. First of all, the specialists collect the necessary information about the latest transactions (for example, for a week, a month or a year). Based on these data, a conclusion is made about the profitability of the company; it is not uncommon for a company to operate at a loss due to an illiterate tax policy. After carrying out external and internal tax planning, reducing tax pressure, you can achieve a significant reduction in tax levies, which means the increase in profitability of your company!


The importance of regular optimization of taxation consists in constant amendments to the legislation of Ukraine. The State Fiscal Service and other authorities are trying to prevent an illegal reduction in the tax burden of the company, to identify and eliminate schemes for minimizing taxation. It is difficult enough to achieve any tax reduction independently, so ordering tax planning inexpensively performed by the Audit and Pravo Company will be the best decision for you and your business!


Optimization of tax accounting of a company is the key to its success, affordable to every businessman!

Every entrepreneur can order tax planning at the Audit and Pravo Company! Regardless of the specificities of your company, our specialists will conduct the full range of necessary works as soon as possible to make the taxation of the company as profitable as possible:


  • determination of all benefits provided by tax legislation in force;
  • minimization of possible risks associated with incorrect payment;
  • verification of the correctness of tax documents, timeliness of payment;
  • control of correctness of tax calculation;
  • development of tax accounting policy.

Any entrepreneur is interested in reducing the amount of taxes, and therefore it is extremely important to trust tax planning for the specialists of consulting services because the correctness and quality of tax optimization is the most important factor that directly affects the amount of your dividends and absence of problems with inspection authorities!


It is easy to get taxation under control; it is enough to order tax planning at the Audit and Pravo Company at a favorable price for each businessman!