Maintenance of inspections

A compulsory element of the functioning of any Ukrainian enterprise is regular audits conducted by state authorities (the State Fiscal Service). The main purpose of such audits is to identify facts of fraud or negligence in the maintenance of the tax activities of the company.


The outcomes of the visit of the controlling authorities can be different – from the substantive fines for every entrepreneur to the total prohibition of the company activity for an indefinite period.


Even in the case of good accounting and taxation of the company, you shall carefully deal with such measures. For example, the auditor can make a mistake during the analysis of reporting – in this case, you have to pay penalty even in the case of transparency of the relevant documents. So to order the maintenance of tax inspections in Kyiv is a decision that is made by a lot of Ukrainian entrepreneurs every year, more and more Ukrainian entrepreneurs take every year, because a lot depends on the findings of the inspection authorities.


Maintenance of tax inspections means the protection of business at an affordable price for every businessman!


During the spontaneous visit of the tax service and other authorities, it is necessary to know the relevant legislation, the latest amendments to it and the auditors’ powers. To order the maintenance of tax inspections inexpensively means to protect your company from possible troubles caused by both deficient documentation and illegal actions of the inspection institutions.


The specialists of our company have great experience in maintenance of inspections at various enterprises in the country. Each of them is a professional who received a specialized education and regularly improves the level of qualification at internal trainings.


If you contact us, you will receive all the necessary support:


  • inspection and verification of the supporting documents before the forthcoming inspection;
  • recommendations on the behavior of accounting department staff during the audit;
  • comprehensive verification of documents required for the State Fiscal Service;
  • protection of the interests of the company during the direct inspection;
  • assistance in the legal dispute of audit results.

The most important stage in any audit is inspection of financial documents of your company. Any businessman knows that the employees of the State Fiscal Service and other authorities refer to any deficiencies in documentation with due diligence, and the ordinary mistakes of accountants can become a reason for penalties.

We recommend ordering the maintenance of tax inspections in 1 – 2 weeks before the upcoming visit of the auditors. Our specialists will check each financial documents of the company, point out possible vulnerabilities, so that your accountants will have time to correct any inconsistencies. If you order the maintenance of tax inspections Kyiv in advance, you will be completely ready for the audit – the tax authorities will not have the opportunity to convict your company of tax violations!

Maintenance of audits provided by the Audit and Pravo Company means the support at all stages: before, during and after the audit. As you know, after 10 days from the end of the audit, the State Fiscal Service sends a notification-decision on the results of the audit, and the received results often leaves some questions. Our lawyers will help you to protest the results, as well as assist in negotiations with the inspectors.

Prices for our services are affordable for every businessman. Order maintenance of tax inspections at the Audit and Pravo Company is an advantageous decision that will provide the necessary legal protection of the interests of your company before the state authorities!

Steady operation of the company is a pledge of its financial success!