Counseling of the auditor

The efficient operation of any enterprise in Ukraine in any case requires periodic consultations of accounting experts.


Each entrepreneur from time to time faces with various problems, the solution of which requires knowledge of all the aspects of financial statements, accounting and taxation. If there is no time and the necessary full-time specialist, to order the counseling of the auditor Kyiv will be the best decision, which will allow to detect all disadvantages of accounting and tax reporting as soon as possible and to correct them promptly.


Internal audit is the implementation of the necessary measures aimed at the optimization of tax and accounting systems. In addition, the company executive receives all necessary consultations with the help of which he/she can improve the financial indicators of the company, develop an effective company management system.


Counseling of the auditor is an affordable opportunity to bring your company’s profitability to the next level. In this case an important role is played by the professional competence of the auditors and the reputation of the company – counseling of the auditor shall be carried out by experienced accountants of the highest qualification, since it is much more difficult to analyze other companies accounting than to create it from ground zero, that is why the skills of the consultee are especially important.


Internal audit provides for business optimization at an affordable price!


Competent business consulting is performed by one or several auditors, who in the process of work are in constant cooperation with the board of directors of the company. The recommendations will help management to implement particular tasks, improve the overall performance of the company and optimize tax accounting and accounting records.


Order counseling of the auditor in Kyiv in the Audit and Pravo Company is a profitable and efficient method to optimize the financial aspect of your business! The availability of the accounting department at your company is not important for us – we can consult the auditor solely with your participation. In any case, be sure that you will get the most efficient recommendations that will help you to make your business more profitable and economically viable!


In order to improve the financial indicators of your company and adjust all types of accounting, we will carry out the most effective measures:


  • a full audit of the company’s accounting;
  • audit of tax accounting;
  • verification of the reliability of financial statements;
  • an estimation of financial and economic activity of your company;
  • consulting on reorganization or privatization of the company.

Every entrepreneur, regardless of the ownership form, the sphere of provided services and any other features of the company, can order the counseling of the auditor at a low price provided by the Audit and Pravo Company!

If necessary, we will help you to prepare for the upcoming audit or tax audit. We observe full business confidentiality: the taxation system, deductions to non-budget funds, contracts and amounts of transactions with business partners, as well as any other working moments will remain a secret of your company. The reputation of our customers comes first!

Our auditors are highly qualified professionals who have specialized education and great experience in conducting various types of audit consultations at Ukrainian companies. If cooperating with us, you will receive a full audit report as soon as possible, as well as recommendations for optimizing the performance and accounting of your company.