Legal support

In the present context, any kind of business activity is impossible without adopting irreproachable and reasonable decisions, which are based on legal grounds. It does not matter what you plan to do – register a company, conclude a contract, file a suits to the court, or resolve trademark problems.

All this requires professional skills and special experience in the legal industry, with the help of which the business will not only successfully develop, but also be reliably insured against legal surprises. Otherwise, even the light error in such cases can result in rather undesirable consequences. The professional legal support provided by the Audit and Pravo Company will help to avoid such troubles!

To order legal support in Kyiv is the best way to resolve any disputes in transactions, settlements or lawsuits! An important factor in choosing a company that provides legal support Kyiv is its reputation and qualification of its employees – lawyers are obliged to know all the loopholes and other aspects of tax legislation and other regulatory acts.

The lawyers of the Audit and Pravo Company are experienced specialists who rendered the necessary legal support to hundreds of Ukrainian enterprises of various levels. Cooperation with us is beneficial for every entrepreneur, because the specificities, activity area or form of ownership of your company does not matter for us – we will make your business as secure and profitable as possible!

Legal support for any occasion!

We provide the full range of legal assistance – every our customer, whether a private company or a large manufacturing company, can count on an individually formed package of necessary legal services.

The Audit and Pravo Company is the best option to order legal support inexpensively! You will be able to enlist the support of experienced lawyers on a subscriber basis, or get verbal or written advice on the legal issues of interest. We will develop the necessary regulatory documentation; we will advise you on labor protection issues or establishing the labor relations. In any case, our prices will pleasantly surprise you!

Possessing vast practical experience and specializing in various areas of law, our lawyers will help quickly and efficiently to solve any topical issues:


  • registration of legal entities;
  • legal support of transactions;
  • examination of documentation, development and analysis of agreements;
  • legal (verbal and written) consultations and conclusions;
  • representation in court proceedings;
  • representation of the interests of the company before state, fiscal, law enforcement and controlling authorities.

We will provide the most favorable conditions for business and help you to reduce commercial risks, reduce the tax liabilities and exclude the costs of an urgent search for a lawyer in a critical situation.

The assistance of a professional lawyer!

Choosing legal support in Ukraine provided by the Audit and Pravo Company, you get a unique opportunity to choose the most suitable for you package of legal services. In a mutually beneficial cooperation with us, legal issues will no longer distract time and resources, thereby helping to focus all your efforts on managing and developing your own business.

It is always worth remembering that it is much more difficult and expensive to correct errors than to prevent them. In any case, if you prefer the Audit and Pravo Company, you will provide legal guarantees for your business!