Integration of electronic reporting

The most important factor determining the financial success of any company is the availability and the correct drawing up of electronic reporting of the company’s activity. Introduction of the opportunity to submit online reports made it possible to facilitate the work of accounting department, automate the process of drawing up all types of reporting and minimize the error probability while drawing up these documents.


Order the integration of electronic reporting inexpensively is a profitable and reasonable decision made by thousands of Ukrainian entrepreneurs each year. If you do not hire full-time qualified specialist, it is impossible to install and automate appropriate software, which requires tweaking due to the specificity of your business.


The traditional form of reporting loses to computerized accounting due to all parameters. Automation will significantly improve the efficiency of the accounting of your company, facilitate the submission of reports to the appropriate authorities and assist in the carrying out of taxation.


The integration of electronic reporting is a pledge of efficient accounting and correct taxation!


In addition to convenience, electronic reporting gradually becomes a necessity for every Ukrainian entrepreneur: more and more state institutions are switching to mandatory integration of tax reporting. The largest companies are not the exception: plants, distributing facilities, utility companies – more and more enterprises switch to the electronic reporting form annually.


Automated accounting has the range of important advantages:


  • practically the probability of an error is excluded due to incorrect calculations;
  • there is no need for independent drawing up of reporting;
  • submission of reports to supervisory authorities is made in a few minutes;
  • most contemporary accountants are able to use the software products;
  • the process of finding vulnerabilities and inconsistencies in any form of reporting is simplified.

Order the integration of electronic reporting in Kyiv made by the Audit and Pravo Company means to optimize the accounting of the enterprise quickly and qualitatively, and automate it fully! When you transform the accounting of your company in electronic format, you can optimize the accounting department performance, because computer calculations will save time for counting work and drawing up of documents. Ultimately you can save on hiring the accountants – even if you run the large company, in order to maintain the electronic accounting you will need the efforts of chief accountant and 3-5 assistant.

The successful experience of the largest national enterprises shows that the electronic document flow of accounting is a contemporary necessity! The integration of electronic reporting in Ukraine is efficient at any enterprises, regardless of their structure, ownership form and other factors.

Another argument for transforming the accounting to the up-to-date format is the possibility of easy optimization of the tax burden. Accounting software allows monitoring vividly the profitability of the business and the amount of tax levy – due to this factors, it is much easier to conduct tax planning for your company!

In order to transform the accounting of your company to the electronic form, it is enough to order the integration of electronic reporting at our company. The specialists of the Audit and Pravo Company will take all necessary measures as soon as possible, as well as will carry out consultations for the employees of the accounting department of your company.

The prices for our services are favorable and available to all entrepreneurs of Ukraine!